Hey, y'all! I'm Katherine. Nice to meet you!  Welcome to my little space on the internet.

My hope is that in this place you will find inspiration, truth, freedom, ideas and mostly the spark that starts a FIRE in your life! A fire to pursue God, His dreams and plans for you and to never let anyone (including and mostly yourself) tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t go for the life that God has planted on the inside of you! I’m hoping this space encourages you to step outside of the box, live fuller, laugh more, create something just because you want to, love fiercely and, for goodness sake, just take a leap of faith!


I’m a dreamer, and my dream is to start a movement… a movement of free people, totally in love with God, and united with one purpose… recklessly living for their God and the glory that He has hidden on the inside of them. To glorify God  just means to reflect Him… we are each reflections of God. Every one of us. We each carry a God spark on the inside of us that is JUST ours. It isn’t like anyone else’s. But here’s the great part – when we come together, when we each supply our piece of the mirror that reflects Him – we make a whole picture and it is beautiful! (See Eph. 4 and 2 Cor. 3 for more on that.)


A little about me… I’m a Southern girl, but a free spirit at heart. I’ve yet to meet a box that I’m fond of staying in. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and work and minister at Gateway Church. I’m a passionate worshipper – it’s my favorite pastime. Nothing beats the presence of God. He has set me free and healed my heart. So, yeah… I’m kinda hooked on Him. I sing, write, LOVE to dance and will do so in just about any setting. I’m really into travel, fitness and health, really good food and yes… fashion. My life is full of friends, family, laughter, worship, church and spontaneous fun times. Those are my favorite.


Why are we here? Well, if I had to sum up this website in one sentence it would be this…


"Freeing people for the glory of God.”


Again with the intense stuff… but I mean it. That’s what I hope you find woven into everything you see and hear on this site. Truth and freedom. Because knowing the truth about yourself and who you are brings freedom. The last three years have been a journey into discovering who God really created me to be. As I find my voice, I want to help others find theirs and have the joy of singing at the top of their lungs! That’s it. Simple.

Alright y’all… Let’s do this! I’m going to be singing right along with you… I’m still learning and stepping out in what I’m passionate about, so we can take this trip together.

Thanks so much for visiting my page – I can’t wait to get to know you better! 

Freeing people for the Glory of God!