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How to Max Out Two Days in Austin

This is how my life goes... One week I was thinking I wanted to see Austin. I mean, I've lived in Texas for 16 years and I've never been! I've heard such great things about it.... I should go, right? Right!

Well, in a zany twist of events, I ended up driving down there to pick up my new car about a week after beginning to have these thoughts (and by new, I mean two years old with 20K miles on it but she's purple and I call her the Katmobile. She's fabulous.) But it was just for a couple of hours and enough to tease me... so the following week I went on a search to find a buddy to go back down with me for July 4th weekend. Briana stepped up and not only was amazing company, but y'all... girl is a planner and she jumped right on it. Found us the cutest little Air BnB to stay in and came equipped with all kinds of great suggestions for places we should see!

All of this texting and searching started on Tuesday and on Friday we were on the road! Yep - that's how I roll.

We got down there late Friday night, so all we really did was ooh and aah over our little casa and hit the sack. I fondly remember Briana asking me what time we wanted to get up the next morning... My response was, "No alarm clocks because... vacation." She smiled and we slept in the next morning. Can I get an AMEN???

Even with sleeping in we managed to pack in quite a bit... Breakfast (Okay, really late brunch) at Snooze. My plate looked a little something like this - yes, that is smoked salmon. Y'all - the vibes at this place made me so happy. I can't really explain it. You just have to go. Tell me you will. Okay, thanks.

Thrift shopping at the Buffalo Exchange. Y'all. My life was changed. I confess this was a first for me. I So many finds!! My favorite was this little black number I found for $12. More on that in another post coming soon!

Walking down South Congress, Uncommon Goods, and all that jazz. Met a goat that wasn't very talkative and apparently doesn't like to be touched. And chilled outside of one of the local shops... Have I mentioned I could SO live here?

The night was capped of with dinner at an amazing Asian fusion place - Sway. The food was SO good! And the atmosphere was just on the money. Family style seating helped you get to know your neighbors and the food came out when it was ready. No silly waiting for it to all come out at the same time stuff. Thennnnnn, gelato at the Tasty Spoon! Because... it was next door and why not??! My drug of choice was the dark chocolate and mint chocolate chip combo.... Briana (pictured below) was pretty thrilled with her choices... can ya tell?

The next day, kayaking on the Colorado River (getting that arm workout in!), enjoying some FINE Tex Mex at a local find and then heading home (with another pit stop for ice cream in Waco) capped it all off in style!

Why do I tell you my tale, you ask? Because all in all, it was a PERFECT weekend! We didn't make a plan, had no idea what we were doing when we headed down there... we just let it roll! And it was fantastic. Try it sometime... Just get in the car and go - without a plan. Without rules and without a schedule. Because LIVING is something that happens every day and you have a choice how you do it. Let me suggest just throwing caution to the wind and seeing what happens. The best adventures are unplanned!

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