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Is GLORY Trapped on the Inside of You? | Part 1

The short answer is YESSSSSSS!

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog. I wanted my first post to give you a taste of what we’re doing here and what I believe God has put on my heart to share, so here goes!

The only way I really know how to communicate is in stories. All my friends will tell you this is true. They have all patiently listened me to weave a story or two in order to get to the point – I hope you don’t mind doing the same.

About a year and a half ago, I was asking God pretty incessantly to tell me what I’m called to do. What is the point of my life? See – I hit the reset button on my life in a BIG way about two and a half years ago – completely started from scratch - and then I began searching for what I had apparently been missing for a very long time… what story was GOD writing with my life? I felt like I was staring at ALL these options – all these things I love to do and feel drawn towards - not knowing which direction to go. So, I was bugging Him about it a lot. One day, at the beginning of 2016, He told me I was a “healing storyteller” and to start telling my story. That helped with the whole wanting to do ALL THE THINGS thing, too, because He told me that would have a lot of different expressions in my life so I didn't have to put myself in a box. YES!

So I started this blog last March… But the deal was I was still very much in a healing process. Starting your life over and realizing you missed the point for a really long time is hard and there’s a process to go through – I hadn’t yet tasted the victory of stepping out in faith. I was still eating the sawdust of the path I was on before. About 6 months ago I felt the Lord preparing me to start again. I just couldn’t get my head wrapped around what He wanted me to share. If the point wasn’t to look back and dwell on the past, what’s IS the point? More healing was needed. And like a Good Father, He wouldn’t let me move on without that healing. He’s pretty crazy amazing, y’all.

What He did do was give me a start date to relaunch the blog. One year after I stopped the last blog. He knows me well… If I have a deadline, I can gear myself towards it. So I kind of just let it rest for a couple of months and focused on other things – knowing it would come around again.

About two months ago, I just started to get vision and ideas, but I still didn’t have a purpose – a mission – for the blog. And I’m the kind of girl who has to know WHERE we are headed before I’ll start down the road. I have to have a goal. So, I kept asking Him and finally one morning about three weeks ago, He just dropped it on me. “Freeing people for the glory of God.”

Well, at first I loved it and then I was scared of it. I mean, it just felt so huge. So big. I can’t do that! Jesus kindly (and pointedly) reminded me that I wouldn’t be doing the freeing. He would. I just had to open my mouth. That was all He was asking of me.

So, here we are! I’m opening my mouth… or as God keeps saying it to me… using my voice. (Teaser – that’s what my first series is going to be about!) I’m so excited about this journey with you guys. You may be asking yourself what all this has to do with you having glory trapped on the inside you of… Check out Part 2 for that one!

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Freeing people for the Glory of God!