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Is GLORY Trapped on the Inside of You | Part 2

So, there I was… God just told me He wanted to “Free people for the glory of God.” To briefly recap, that scared the living daylights out of me, but He talked me off the ledge and then started showing me what He meant.

What caught my attention was the “for the glory of God” part. And I remembered the scripture that says those of us who have “had the veil removed” can see and reflect the glory of God. And the Lord makes us more and more like him as we are changed into His glorious image. (2 Cor. 3:18)

Do you see it??!? Not yet? Okay… let me explain. The veil is removed, when we stop believing the lies about ourselves that the enemy and the hard circumstances of our lives have taught us. Then, we can see and reflect the Glory of God. Well, you can’t reflect something that you don’t have in you, can you? When you look in a mirror, you see your nose, your eyes, your face. You don’t see anyone else’s. So, if we see the reflection of the glory of God when we look in the mirror… that means His glory is in us!

But what does that mean exactly? I mean, glory is sort of one of those church-y words that we hear thrown around a lot, isn’t it? “I just want to glorify God.” “We’re praying for the glory of God to hit this city!” Do we really know what that means?

Here’s where I get nerdy - and nerds rule the world. I LOVE to look up words and their definitions and the root words and figure out what they REALLY mean. The word “glory” used in this verse is from the Greek word “doxa” and the specific meaning in that verse is “the most glorious, most exalted state.” Do you see where I’m headed with this??

Here’s the picture I saw… Think of God as a BIG, HUGE diamond and there are as many facets to Him as there are people. About 7.5 billion people on this planet, right? So, there are that many facets to God. And each one of us is a unique, one of a kind, limited edition, original representation of THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. Just let that really sink in for a minute.

You hold a piece of God Himself on the inside of you. And when you are FREE, that piece of Him is in its “most glorious and exalted state.” Oh! Did I mention that the verses right before 2 Cor. 3:18 (vs. 14-17) tell you exactly how to free the glory of God on the inside of you?

  1. Believe in Jesus | vs. 14 | That’s it. We all choose what we believe, so just choose to believe that He is God, He’s in control and He will never let you down. Choose every day to believe that He has already won every battle you are ever going to face.

  2. Turn to Him | The veil is taken away |vs. 16 | Turn to Him every day. Something blows up in your face? Someone you love hurts you? A job or relationship doesn't turn out the way you hoped and prayed? Turn to Him. Ask Him to tell you what’s really going on. Ask Him what He thinks about it. Ask Him for the TRUTH. Let the TRUTH replace the veil you are looking through. In every situation, turn to HIm.

  3. His Spirit brings FREEDOM | vs. 17 | As you turn to Jesus and let Him redefine truth for you, you will find yourself living a different kind of life. Peace starts to be a reality no matter what circumstances are like. Things just calm down and you are able to stop trying to “keep it all together”. You’re free to be you.

  4. The Resemblance Sets In | vs. 18 | Once freedom enters the scene, you start to just be yourself – the “You” that God created you to be. THEN you start to look like the piece of God that He planted on the inside of you - the individual, one-of-a-kind representation of Him that you are… and you find your happy place. You (and everyone else) will start to see Him in you.

  5. You Are Changed | vs. 18 | As you allow His work in your life, you are changed more and more to look EXACTLY like Him. This is the fun part. You get to start playing around with what He called you to do. Working with Him to release the seed that He planted in you way back when you were just a glimmer in the womb. And it really is an adventure. He loves nothing more than working WITH His children.

Let me put a disclaimer here… The five steps I just lined out are NOT a one and done sort of a thing. You will go through that process over and over and over in your life. Just be aware and give yourself a break. God is merciful and kind and He only works on transforming us into His image one piece at a time… because we are human. And if He changed us ALL at one time, He’d break us.

Guys – I can’t wait to take this journey with you. I’m starting to feel like I’m beginning to taste step #4 in this particular stage of my life and that’s why I started this site. Somehow, it’s my way of reflecting Him – and I honestly pray and hope that’s all we do here. Reflect Him. Because He is GORGEOUS to look at.

Love you so much – till next time!

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