• Katherine M.

FREE YOUR VOICE! Vivian's Story

Hey guys! I am SOOO excited to share this video with you! My amazing friend, Vivian Lea Smith, is genuinely one of the truest people I've ever met and I can't wait for y'all to get to know her. FAIR WARNING: This video is a little longer than most of the ones that I post, but there were just so many good nuggets in her story that I couldn't cut anything out. She's dropping truth about growing up without the love of an earthly father, knowing your own worth as a daughter of God, marriage and so much more. It's worth the watch - you don't want to miss a second! I think the biggest takeaway I got from her story was the courage it takes to live a life of faith and how a heart of obedience will never ever lead you in the wrong direction. That and... It's NEVER too late, guys!

I'm so grateful for community and people who challenge you to be your best self and this lady - Vivian - is in my corner all the way! We've challenged each other to post a video a week - no matter what! So be looking for more videos more often! To be honest, I think my biggest struggle has been trying to be perfect and post just the RIGHT THING - when the truth is it's just all about being real and honest - there is no "right thing."

Next week's video is already swimming around in my mind, so be looking for it!

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