• Katherine Harrold

Fear: It's a Killer - Maybe Worse than Corona

I almost can't believe I'm going to do this because I usually avoid getting involved in any of the melodrama that happens on social media (and in the world), but here I go. I woke up this morning sad for our world in general because this whole Corona virus scare thing seems to highlight something that I think is killing us. Massive FEAR that grows the more people feed on it.

I'll be the first to tell you that I live in a happy bubble most of the time. I don't watch the news and I don't scroll on social media to find out what's happening in the world. Sometimes that makes me feel ignorant when I don't know what's going on, but most of the time it keeps me feeling peaceful because I'm not constantly inundated with a lot of information about things I can't effect or control. And to be REALLY honest, my own anxious thoughts are enough for me, thank you very much.

I would have to live under a rock, though, not to be aware and effected by this whole Corona virus thing... especially after my school cancelled classes next week because of it. Sure, it's an extra week off, but mostly, I'm disappointed and sad because I LOVE school. I don't doubt my leaderships decision in the slightest, especially with President Trump declaring a national emergency and all... But it started me thinking... Where did this whole thing start? When did it escalate? What are the statistics for this virus?

I looked it up this morning and here are the latest stats:


Now, this was a quick Google search and I'm not saying this is the most dependable source, but it looks like 150,000 cases worldwide with 5,000+ deaths. That is a lot... and I'M NOT SAYING THIS ISN'T a BIG DEAL. But there are also approximately 75,000 cases that have recovered so far. The percentage of recovery is so much higher than the deaths... I just have to wonder - why aren't we focusing on that? Why do we as humans so often choose to focus on the negative and death and destruction instead of hope and life and the possibility of life?

I guess it goes back to the Garden of Eden and that fateful choice Eve made... the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil instead of the Tree of Life that she already had access too. She wanted to "know." She wanted the certainty of knowledge she thought would bring her wisdom and security. For surely if she knew the difference between good and evil like God, she would be able to protect herself and she wouldn't need Him or Adam to do it for her. Oh, Eve..... how well I can relate to your struggle and your choice. It seems ever since then we have all been making the same choice. Choosing knowledge instead of LIFE. Knowledge informs, but most of the time it boxes us in. Life flows and gives us more choices than we could have ever dreamed. I'll admit that so often I choose knowledge too. I choose control and try to know my future before I take a step. But I almost always end up dissatisfied with my choice and wishing I had flown instead of walking so cautiously.

What does that have to do with Corona and what do I even mean??! I'll tell you. Using this whole situation as an example... let's say all the knowledge of the million+ articles being written and stories being told about how terrible this virus is just confirm our fears. Yes, we are all at risk and the world is dangerous and if we don't wash our hands we are surely going to die. But what if we could just CHOOSE look at LIFE instead and see what it has to say about this situation? What if what LIFE is telling us is that everything is going to be okay and this too shall pass? What if this isn't the next Black Plague? What if we all chose to calm down and think happy thoughts and just didn't ENGAGE in the madness?

I know I sound radically "pie in the sky" and maybe a little clueless, but I heard someone say one time (thank you, John Eldredge) that we humans were never meant to consume the amount of information that is available to us these days. We were never meant to know what is happening on the other side of the globe and feel the weight and responsibility of it. We were meant to live in our own communities, take care of our own people and believe that the rest of the world is doing the same. I know that's super simplistic and there is no way we can go back... and I'm definitely NOT saying all technology or media is bad. I mean, I'm blogging so there's that. I am throwing it out there as a perspective shift though... just to offer an alternative. What if we focused on our day today? Our families. Our lives. What if we took a deep breath and let adventure take us somewhere we didn't plan?

I'll leave you with a quick story (and a video clip...) from yesterday that is going to seem WAY too simplistic for today's crisis, but I think it draws the point. I'm still in Eureka, so last night I decided I wanted to go to the beach and see the sunset. But it had been raining off and on all afternoon... I wasn't sure it was a good idea but I went! And I ended up not getting rained on. I found a place on the side of the road to park and just walked out to the beach... when I was freezing I turned around and realized my mistake. I didn't know where the path was that brought me to the beach. I didn't know how to get back. I was just going to have to "nose" my way back with my instincts. Praying all the way, I started paying really close attention to my surroundings and found a place that looked familiar. I started heading back towards the road. It didn't take me long to realize I was NOT on the path I originally took.

There was a moment when FEAR tried to creep in. I stopped. I was paralyzed by it for a minute. Oh, my god. What kind of animals are out here? It's almost dark... what if I get stuck and can't find my way - It's way too cold out here! And on and on... but then I made a choice. I looked at the road (at the direction I WANTED to head and not the one I was AFRAID of getting sucked into) and I just started walking. I knew that if I just kept going I would get to the road and I could find my car. Was it easy? Nope! I walked through my share of bushes and thorns, but I made it! And I was fine. And it all had to do with what I focused my attention on.

So I'll leave you with that TRUTH for today....

Today's TRUTH

WHAT YOU FOCUS ON WILL GROW. CHOOSE LIFE. CHOOSE HOPE. It really is within your control... that is the ONLY thing you can control. Your inner world. Which fruit will you eat today? Knowledge or LIFE? The choice is yours.

Love you guys and feel free to comment and tell me I'm naive. I can take it! If you had thoughts, I seriously would love to hear them... I love conversation and different perspectives!

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