• Katherine Harrold

Moments of Pleasure

We're all adjusting to a new normal and wondering how long this new normal will last. Things are changing by the minute and that can make it all feel so chaotic and out of control.

The funny thing is that in the midst of all of this, I have found so many moments of beauty and pleasure. And that's what I wanted to focus on in today's post... On Sunday, I'm going to start telling more of my background and my history. It's something that I've been avoiding doing, to be honest, because it feels so vulnerable. But it's time. One of my dear friends asked me a great question yesterday... "Do you want to tell the politically correct version of your story or do you want to tell the TRUTH?" Truth is a really huge core value of mine, so the answer was obvious. That said, a lot of my story is pretty tough, so today I'm going to focus on beauty and pleasure before we sort of switch up the vibe for a bit. I'll start with a story from this morning!

One of the spiritual practices I try to remember to do every day is to ask God one simple question. "What are we doing today, Papa?" It helps center my focus, motivate me for the day and so many times I look back at the end of the day and realize how the answer to that question was driving my day in more ways than I realized. It becomes a subconscious focus that I'm not even trying to have. This morning the answer to the question was, "Let Me love you today."

That sounded amazing and beautiful, but a little ethereal, so I asked Him what it looked like today. I felt prompted to sit and meditate and let the answer come to me, so I did. As soon as I shut my eyes and focused on His Love, I heard Him tell me to look for the moments of pleasure today. The moments that I felt His excitement AND mine! Moments when I was excited about a possibility or what was happening at the time. Because here's the thing... When we're happy, God's HAPPY. It's really that simple, y'all. He gets pleasure when His children are happy and doing the thing they LOVE to do. Or the things... If you're like me you have passions in multiple areas. As I sat there, I was reminded that God gave me all these GIFTS - my passions, my hobbies, the things that spark joy in me... they are all FROM HIM. He put the spark in me and then He put me in a world where it is all possible. He didn't give me these desires to tease me or to withhold from me. He gave them to me to fulfill. I will probably have Psalm 37:4 put on my tombstone because if I had an anthem it would be this... (Pardon me while we pause on a goofy picture of me trying to get some serious air...)

"If you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart."

I actually REALLY love how it's said in the Passion Translation...

"Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, and he will provide for you what you desire the most."

That's really it, guys. If we love Him and keep our eyes focused on being in relationship with Him - honest, open relationship where we are truly ourselves (not a pseudo-perfect religious fake version, but the real version with all the emotions, all the ups and downs, all the faults and sins), He will bring us those moments of pleasure - those clues to who we are and what we love. AND THEN He will provide those things that we love and enjoy the most for us because He planted the seed to begin with.

Today, my moments of pleasure included getting some really cool new ideas from God that I can't wait to tell you about. There were such moments of excitement and inspiration that I felt like I was on a ride! The other moments of pleasure were taking a walk outside and feeling the sun on my skin. Talking to my sister and hearing her voice. Letting myself feel joy when I went grocery shopping and actually found all the groceries I wanted. #MIRACLE #coronocantwinhere Yesterday, I took a LONG walk with a sweet friend and we got to just be ourselves and really enjoy each other. Ahhh... so much joy. Life is still sweet, my friends. It's crazy out there and I'm not denying that it's getting tough for so many. I think the prize that we have the ability to get out of all of this is in the stillness... being able to feel and appreciate the moments of pleasure and beauty maybe more than we normally would because of the crazy pace this world has been going at for a really long time.

With all the changing the world is going through right now you may be trying to figure out what that looks like in this new landscape the same way I am... I feel this URGE in my heart that things are shifting. Now is the time to create and launch out into the deep unknown. Not shrink back and hide in a corner. Anyway... I digress, but I'll be telling you more about that in the coming weeks... some stuff is cooking up in this head of mine. Today I want to leave you with a little idea before the weekend and my Sabbath starts...

Today's Thought:


  1. Start taking stock for yourself... In the next couple of days, as you simplify and maybe stay at home more than your normally would, what's coming up? What do you feel like you FINALLY have time to do?

  2. Pay attention to when genuine excitement and pleasure show up. What is it you feel so motivated and SO MUCH JOY at the thought of doing? Maybe it's a new business idea. Maybe it's finally writing that book. Maybe it's playing outside with your kids and spending more time with them.

  3. Take it a step further and find ways to intentionally CREATE time and space to do those things. You are worth it and the world actually NEEDS you to play and be who you were created to be. It's not selfish. It's what we all need from you. If the world was full of happy, satisfied people who love God, most of our problems would get SO MUCH smaller.

That's it for today, friends! Tomorrow is my Sabbath so I'll see you again on Sunday! And I'll start telling my story... the real, unedited version. Love you and praying for you all!

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