• Katherine Harrold

New Day - A Poem

Hey guys! Another poem for today's post... inspired by my walk tonight! I was honestly ON THE GO from 8 am until I stepped outside to take a walk tonight around 6 and I was super stressed about what I was going to post today because I made a commitment, by golly!

And don't you know it, God showed up with the most beautiful views and spoke words to my heart that resounded a beautiful cry that I wanted to share with you. So here you go!


Clouds on the horizon

New winds blowing in

Rain is coming to sweep the land again

We hear the distant call

The rumble in our souls

For new times and new seasons

We're ready to shake the old

Dreamers are arising

Artists taking flight

Creativity is bursting forth

Like seeds from the barren ground

Green life is bursting forth

Where only doubt and darkness were found

Mountains in the distance

Sing their siren song

Beckoning adventurers to take the journey long

All humanity somehow knows the truth...

The most glorious new things

Come after the death of winter

Where the ways that no longer serve us

Give way to new freedoms, new paths

The Sun emerges from the clouds

Shedding light on all that was dark

It's a NEW DAY we can all feel it

The question is will we seize it

And just like that it happens

Like the birds we take flight...

and glide into a brand new day

Love you, friends!

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