• Katherine Harrold


Today I want to do something a little different... I'm going to share something I wrote about a month ago in a Writer's Club I'm a part of. The prompt was the write the first thing that came to our kids when we thought of Spring and this was what came out of me. With the moment by moment changes we are all experiencing, I hope this will bring hope and prompt you to write your own story about shifting seasons and times of transition. They can be scary and tough because you don't know exactly where you're headed - mostly because you've never been there before. But somehow you feel the hope rising in your chest and the promise of a new day. I read this again this morning and realized that what I wrote that day may have been meant for TODAY. With the state wide stay-at-home order just announced, I know things can feel a little scary and out of control right now... but honestly, I think God is up to something bigger than we can see right now so hold on tight. Seasons always change. That is ONE thing we can count on....


The seasons have shifted.

Life is beginning to bloom on all sides

She slips away unseen

to her favorite hiding place

The grove of trees away from home

The green grass calls her name

Begging her to make it her bed

The tender trees whisper sweet secrets

She would all to soon forget

Her imagination comes to life in this place

Where spirit and earth meet

And it’s there in the safety of her imagination

She feels the most in her skin

Sweet smelling cool breezes stroke her face

As the sun lights her eyes

Giving her vision beyond what she can see

What she can feel

The boulders and rocks become places in her mind

Housing her sweetest memories

Memories that never existed in this world

But always did in her heart

Memories of whole lives and whole families

Of love and peace

Not love and war

The azaleas are blooming and so is she

Alive with the possibility of tomorrow and all it could bring

The dogwood trees are heavy with buds

Promising days of beauty and grace

Like none ever seen before

For they will be new days

Different from last year and the year before that

These will be days where the best is possible

And just around the corner

As her heart comes alive to this truth

She sings a tune only she knows

She dances a dance only she knows

For an audience of One and a host of His friends

Her dance telling the story of what would be her story

One she had yet to write

But somehow knew by heart.

Sending lots of love today. May you feel the shift of this season, hope in the air and sunlight on your face - even while acknowledging the pain and the heartache and the uncertainty. Because as humans we are gifted with the ability to feel it ALL at one time. That's how it was meant to be. Till Tomorrow!


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