• Katherine Harrold

Sometimes Fortune Cookies Tell the Truth

Hey guys! I'm still in Eureka, CA and I have a funny story to tell you about that. But first, let's address the pithy wisdom in my title. Fortune cookies do tell the truth sometimes, like real truth. Take, for instance, the fortune I found on the fridge door in the AirBnB I'm staying at... and I quote, "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."

That's actually an idea I've been playing around a lot with lately. My imagination and my dreams and the power they have to produce something real and tangible in my life. Could it be true that the only thing that is holding me back from living exactly the life I dream of is that I haven't taken the time to sit and imagine it in detail? To really dream about what it would look like specifically... I'll admit I have some BIG dreams and sometimes they feel TOO BIG and far away and fuzzy. I mean, I haven't actually been there so I don't know what it would feel like, look like, what my day to day would be, etc.

I'll use writing my novels as an example. I am working on a trilogy of novels that I want to turn into movies at some point. I got the idea for when I was driving to Redding, CA, for the first time in the summer of 2018. It's a story about a girl who was enslaved from birth, discovers her true identity and when she finally finds the courage to take her rightful place she helps save those around her - just by being the most TRUE, REAL version of herself. My real dream is that this story won't just be entertaining, but that it will change people's lives in a real way.

But what would that look like? And what would I look like in that life? Here's my point... I've never written a novel before. I can't pretend to KNOW with certainty what that life looks like or how I will feel when I get there. Sometimes it feels overwhelming not knowing HOW I'm going to get from here to there. Here's where intentionality and the wisdom of the fortune cookie come into play. What if I took the time to sit and imagine my life as a successful author in detail? What kind of power would that give my mind and heart to start heading in that direction? Would it give me the ability to "see" the steps that I need to take to get there - or at least the next step? What if I sat down and dreamt about what kind of person I would want to be in that situation? What if I cast vision about how I would FEEL in that life and it served as a guide post for the choices I'm making NOW?

I listened to a podcast recently by Abi & Justin Stumvoll (if you don't follow them, you totally should) recently about casting vision for different areas of your life and it really stuck with me. They talked about taking the time every 3 or 4 months to take stock of the areas that you want to grow or see a change in (finances, relationships, creative dreams) and cast vision for how you want to FEEL about that area of your life. They clarified what real vision sounds like.

Vision DOESN'T sound like:

  • "One day I will have a best selling trilogy of novels and live in a big, shiny mansion."

  • "One day I will have $X amount of money and own lots of diamonds."

  • "One day I will be married to someone SUPER HOT and we will have three perfect children."

Vision DOES sound like:

  • "One day I will feel successful as an author and see that I am changing lives with my stories."

  • "One day I will know what it feels like to be able to help others find their creative dreams and help them fulfill them."

  • "One day I will feel totally HOPEFUL about finances and not limited by them."

  • "One day I will feel fulfilled, joyful and happy inside of a marriage to a man I love and we will parent our kids the same way - with joy and love."

Do you see the difference? The first set of example are SUPER specific and kind of box you in (and I was trying to be as materialistic as possible!) But the second set are more open and talk about how you will feel and experience life.

So here's what I'm gonna do and what I encourage you to do, too... I'm gonna sit down and give myself the gift of using this brain of mine to imagine and dream instead of worry and plan. I honestly believe that as I do, I will find myself walking out what I imagined and dreamt. Kind of like how I ended up in Eureka and I'm still here! I still need to tell that story because I think it tells a really great truth about following moments of synchronicity. This is honestly not where I intended to go with this post this morning, but I like where it ended up. So I'll tell you the Tale of Eureka tomorrow. ;)

Let's all take some time to DREAM and IMAGINE today and see what happens!

Today's Thought:


  1. Pick three areas of your life that you want to see change in... finances, marriage, relationships, dreams and goals.

  2. Imagine in detail what it would FEEL like to live in your ideal in that area. If it's finances, what would it look and feel like to not have to worry about that? If you aren't sure, look for someone around you who is living in that area the way you would like and use them as inspiration and someone to emulate.

  3. Be Practical. Take the next step and pick ONE thing you can do now that will head you in the right direction. Because that thing will lead to another one and pretty soon you will have stepped yourself right into the life you always wanted.

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